WHAT IS MomsHope?   (mission)

To provide hope to single, low income moms through one-on-one faith-based mentoring in order to support their resource development, personal advancement, spiritual growth and family stability.

WHAT DOES MomsHope DO?  (purpose)

  • Facilitate mentor/mentee partners to expand stronger support networks for single moms
  • Identify, set and track goals necessary for continued development
  • Leverage resources and strengths of individuals, organizations and local service providers in our community

Fill the gaps where other organizations cannot:

  • Local government agencies – provide only financial assistance (welfare)
  • Local non-profit/not-for-profit agencies – they are overwhelmed
  • Church communities – lack expertise to address real life issues in a sustainable way

MomsHope brings accountability, guidance, fellowship as well as resources

The reality:


  • 316K adults & 167K children in the tri-state area live in poverty (1)
  • The Cincinnati poverty rate is 29.9%, (44.6% for Children) Compared to that of Ohio is 14.6% (2)
  • Ohio has 3 cities with high child poverty rate that rank amongst larger US cities: including Cleveland, Akron and Cincinnati (at 17.5%) (4)
  • Same study shows Cincinnati with the highest Median family income in Ohio (4)
  • 18% of our regions population live below economic self-sufficiency (3) • 70% of low income families are headed by women (3)
  • Poverty is 5 times greater in single parent households (3)


  • official poverty rate was 12.7% (2)
  • 58% of low income families are headed by women (1)
  • 22.6% of children under the age of 18 live in poverty (2)
  1. US Census 2010
  2. US Census 2016
  3. Cincinnati Works study
  4. 2016 Census Bureau American Community Survey
  5. 2017 Children’s Defense Fund of Ohio Report


Janet Lapps
Executive Director of MomsHope 2013-present.  MomsHope programming developer under OneCity Foundation.

John Morelock
Owner Calvary Industries. MomsHope board member and advisor. Generous supporter of MomsHope.

Mark Stecher
Community Pastor, Crossroads Central Kentucky. Founder of OneCity, MomsHope and CityLink Center.  MomsHope board member and advisor.