A MomsHope Mentee is a single, working parent or guardian, committed to following Christ, who needs current guidance and support toward self-sufficiency. The mom must be prepared to pursue personal growth and family development through the program resources with a spiritual approach.

Mentee Responsibilities:

Develop a positive relationship with a mentor:

  • Weekly phone, text or email
  • Meet in person once or twice a month
  • Pray regularly with each other

Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • Actively involve your family in a local church community
  • Attend MomsHope socials and special events with mentor whenever possible
  • Identify family dynamics and work to improve skill developments in this area.

Pursue Personal Resource Development in partnership with your mentor:

  • Receive a resource assessment during training
  • Review resource assessment with your mentor and prioritize goals
  • Learn and work with your mentor to improve and advance
  • Continue to actively pursue completion of goals with the support of your mentor and MomsHope resources

Mentee Qualifications:

Open to a faith-based relationship.

Has secure housing (subsidized or market rate apt).

Single mother or guardian.

Employed (part time or full time) or currently in an academic program to enhance job skills.

In need of guidance to long term independence.

Commitment to personal advancement in a long term program (minimum 1 year)

A mentee must be willing to spend 6-8 hours a month working with a MomsHope mentor

and other MomsHope volunteers to improve spiritual, family and personal advancement

To apply, please complete the application below and submit. You will hear from our team soon. If accepted you will be placed into the next available 2 hour training session to learn more about the program and how we can help you obtain self-sufficiency.