A MomsHope Mentor is a committed Christ-follower, a positive role model, a problem solver, and a good reference point for single working mothers in areas of family, work, personal, and spiritual life.

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Develop a positive relationship with a mentee
    • Weekly phone, text or email
    • Meet in person once or more per month
    • Pray regularly for mentee
  • Goal Setting
    • Review resource assessment with mentee and set attainable goals for resource development
    • Track mentees progress on goals set and keep her accountable
    • Reach out for support from MomsHope team resources as needed
  • Participation / Communication with MomsHope team
    • Attend Mentor Care meetings (average 3-4 per year)
    • Report mentee progress by completing routine performance report, according to Mentor Care Coordinator instructions
    • Attend MomsHope socials and special events with mentee, whenever possible
  • Time Commitment
    • Approximately 6-10 hours per month for 12 months.
    • Completion of the MomsHope program is measured at one (1) year. Most MomsHope mentor/mentee pairs continue, based on commitment and desire to focus on completing the mentee’s ongoing goals toward completion.

 Mentor Qualifications:

Time to share your life experience with someone who needs you.Available to build into a mom 6-10 hours per month.
Lead a Christ-centered lifeWilling to build into a mom as a Christ-centered mentor
Full of life experience to impart on your menteeCommitment to mentee in her quest for personal advancement through the MomsHope program (minimum 1 year)

 MomsHope mentoring not only impacts a mom in need, but her children, and generations to come!


Thank you for interest in becoming a MomsHope mentor!


To apply, please complete the mentor application and profile form. We will contact you soon to review. There is a required mentor training, and we will work with you to find a training session that works for you.