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Life Rehab: Fixing The Foundation

Life Rehab: Fixing The Foundation 

July 9, 2018

Verse for the Week: John 3:30; “He must become greater; I must become less.”

Are you ready for some rehab? Good, me too! 

Last week our challenge was to do a reality check, allowing the Spirit to point out areas that need renovation. What surfaced? Anything? Everything? Nothing? Whichever caveats of concern became apparent, keep them at the forefront of your mind as we inspect our faith foundation. 

Our foundation represents the rock upon which we stand. The footing of our faith. The rebar of our beliefs. And the concrete upon which the word of God holds us firm. All of which is imbedded deep within the soil of our mind.

Although this can be a messy project, and one that involves an inordinate amount of patience and forethought, this inside job will be well worth the effort. For starters, we need to address the cracks in our foundation. We will do this by asking ourselves this one probing question: What do I believe? 

Yes, this power-packed question holds the key to wellness. It is locked and loaded, ready to reveal what is fueling the blueprint of our life. In asking this question, we will learn what beliefs color our thoughts, influence our attitudes, drive our behavior, and affect how we relate to God and others.

In this life, there is no shortage of opportunities to ask this question. Don’t miss them. When they present themselves in a tough relational exchange, a disappointment at work, or a habitual sin that continues to crouch at your door, dig deep to see what you truly believe about God.

Do you question His goodness when something important falls off course? Do you question His provision when your finances fail? Do you question His love when your heart is broken?

If we are honest, I bet most of us feel abandoned by God at one time or another. It’s a natural reaction based on feelings. Our charge is to move beyond our feelings in these moments of crisis and align our minds to what we know is true. And if we don’t have something that we know is true, it’s time to find it.

A core belief that has become paramount in my own life is that God is my one true hope. And it is based on Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” This hope comes from a firm footing of trust. I trust God at His word. I believe He knows me at the deepest level and will never leave me. So my hope is anchored to this foundational truth of trust.

Especially when there’s no evidence in sight, I must choose to return to this belief. Why? Because without this hope, I am lost. I am untethered and at the whim of my emotions. This core belief has developed from reading His word, praying, and seeking His face in the darkest seasons of my life. In doing so, a firm foundation of trust is built in my mind. Not only does this steady me on sinking sand, but directly influences how I react to others, make commitments, and engage in relationships.

Our entire framework for life is built on the foundation of beliefs amassed in our mind. Although many factors influence our belief systems, if we are wise, we will allow the Word of God to build the faith foundation, and invite the Spirit to fill in the spaces that govern our thoughts, guide our actions and produce a life well-lived. 

This kind of well-lived life is one that is alive with authentic relationships, healthful habits, and a firm faith. It’s not the kind of life that it is in-your-face loud, or struts with pride. But it is often subtle. Simple. Stable. Substantial.

John the Baptist was well aware of his faith foundation. He stood tall in knowing who he was and who he wasn’t. Our verse this week is an exemplar case in point. He said, “I must decrease so he can increase.” A yielding of the will. A bowing to a truth that was core to his belief.

We are also called to yield. Especially in times when the bottom falls out and our emotions run high. It is in the darkest seasons of life when visibility is at zero, where we find out what we truly believe. It takes bravery to go there and it will most definitely cost us something. 

It will challenge and check us. Pivot and posture us. Inspire and convict us. Because when we remove all the debris of high-octane emotions and the outside noise of painful situations, the question remains: What do I believe to be true?

The reflection may cause us to recoil. For some, it might cause contention, and invite us to a face off. Whether you are a fighter or a flight-er, you owe yourself this honest examination.

This is the time when the cracks in our faith foundation make themselves known. It might be subtle. Something as sinewy as a feeling or reaction that goes against the spiritual grain of our soul. But that’s when you know you’re onto something.

Point it out. Identify it. Where did it come from? It is based on the truth of God’s Word? Or something else?

Perhaps it’s time to repair the foundation you’ve been resting on. To fix the fissures. Rework the rebar. To seek a foundational precept in the Word that will carry you through the seasons of life. There is a treasure trove waiting to be found. Go find it and never let it go.


Lord God, you are life and breath to me. You are my hope and my future. In you I trust. As I yield to you, build in me a strong foundation that will endure. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Reflect and Respond:

Take some time this week to ask yourself this pivotal question: What do I believe to be true?

Since we lack the time and space to address all our beliefs, let’s just focus on one core belief. One that has the power to appease unanswerable questions, ease the deepest of fears, and still the anxieties of injustice. Seek His Word and find the treasure waiting just for you.

Hugs for a great week and remember, you are not alone. Be blessed as you build a strong and enduring faith foundation.


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