MomsHope "The Mentor's Story"

MomsHope.  “The Mentor’s Story”

MomsHope "The Mentee's Story"

“MomsHope has made a generational impact. My daughter is an amazing woman who is blazing her own path in this world.” -Candy

“My mentor helped me find a great job, get a financial plan and provide a bright future to my kids.”  -Monique

“MomsHope is a great organization! I am truly grateful for the helping hand that was extended in my time of need to help me graduate. MomsHope is a true blessing to me and my family!”  

“MomsHope has truly enriched my life! I’ve been blessed to be paired with a mentor who quickly became not only my mentor, but my friend. I’ve also been able to meet some beautiful mother’s who understand the path I’m currently traveling and are willing to support me as we do life together with the help and support of Mom’s Hope. I’m truly blessed!! #itsaGodthing”  -Sharon

MomsHope has helped me immensely.  I was first introduced to the program back in 2010 and have met some of the greatest women ever.  The women of MomsHope offer their wisdom, encouragement, and guidance in life both personally and spiritually.  I have truly been blessed by MomsHope.  Thank you MomsHope for being a great support system and helping me navigate and appreciate life as a mother.   -Shekia