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The Hungry Soul

Monday, June 17, 2019

Verse for the Week: Psalm 107:9 (ESV); For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.

We are fortunate to live in a culture of abundant choices; rich flavors to satisfy the most complex taste buds. And yet, we are always hungry for more. Why? Because hunger is a natural instinct. By it, we heed our most basic need. A need that can only be temporarily satisfied until it rages within once again. 

Even so, there’s a different kind of hunger. One that abides deep in our soul and longs to be satisfied. What is this? It is Soul Hunger.

It’s been said, we all have a God-sized hole in our soul. By design, this void creates a feeling of emptiness and craving which demands to be satisfied. However, if we don’t let God fill this void, our natural tendency is to try and fill it quickly and easily in an effort to relieve the ache of emptiness.

Culturally, we are conditioned for instant gratification. Whether we crave significance, love, comfort, or numbness, we all crave something. We often become slaves to our cravings not understanding why they have such a hold on us. What can be confusing is that God made us to crave. 

In fact, we are hardwired to crave Him—He, alone is the source of all ‘good things’. His Spirit, in us, is the deep well of living water and the true fountain of fulfillment. So when we find ourselves seeking instant gratification elsewhere, we are left soul starved and frustrated.

Lately, and in the hustle of this busy life, my soul is on constant quest to satisfy this deep craving. It’s hungry. And it longs to be filled. With what? I’m not always certain. But our verse tells us God uses ‘good things’ to fill the hungry soul.

I can name a hundred good things that might offer temporal satisfaction. But none of them would satiate my spiritually hungry soul. This is a different appetite altogether. In the end, nothing will satisfy the deep cravings of the soul except God himself. His Spirit. His Word. His Presence.

Take some time this week to do a soul check. Do you ache for something you can’t put your finger on? Are you longing to be filled and satisfied?

More often than not, we have no clue what we truly desire. All we know is that we have an ache inside that doesn’t go away. So in an effort to quell the hunger, we seek people, substances, or things to satisfy.

Be on alert. You may be starving and not know it. Sit at His feet and learn all the good things hidden within His Word. Bask in His presence and find comfort. Commune with His people and find connection. Practice prayer and receive direction. 

Seek the good things only He can offer our longing soul and be satisfied.


Almighty God, you are my sustenance in a world that offers an abundance of counterfeit fulfillment. Teach me how to seek you for the kind of nourishment only you can give. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Remember, you are not alone. Be blessed this week, and let His good things satisfy your hungry soul.


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