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Life Under Construction

July 8, 2019

Verse for the Week: Hebrews 11:30; “By faith the walls of Jericho fell, after the people had marched around them for seven days” 

Sometimes life just feels like one big construction zone—maneuvering around poor decisions, limited resources, and emotional debris cluttering our path to the life we want. We have a vision of what is supposed to be but all too often find ourselves stuck in the mess of progress. 

I’m sure the Israelites felt something similar after wandering forty long years in the desert, managing crippling disappointment, harsh elements, and fear of the future. Finally, they had the Land of Canaan in their sights, relief following close behind. The problem—in order to claim it, they must conquer it.

The battle of Jericho was the first challenge in taking possession of the new territory God was giving them as a favored nation. And yet, a walled fortress stood in their way. Ill-equipped for the fight, obedience to God’s direction was their only hope. He said walk. Walk in humility and reverence. Assess the territory. And when the time is right, the walls will fall.

And fall they did. What a spectacular sight and sound that must have been! I bet the ground shook like an earthquake as rock and mortar came crashing down. Jaws dropping, hearts pounding, and hopes soaring at the divine order of God’s power.

The conquest of Canaan is a constructive metaphor of God’s plan for your life and mine. Like the journey of the Israelites, God wants to bring us into a place of Providence, purpose, and provision. It’s His plan for you. It’s His plan for me. But it will require some divine demolition.

And although we may not be called to conquer an actual territory of land, we are called to conquer the territory of our lives. But first, we must ask some hard questions. 

What walls have I built and why? Are they keeping me from the plan God has for my life? Am I being called to new territory, but to get there, I must tear down an old wall that isn’t serving a functional purpose anymore?

Since heartache is inevitable, and disappointment a sure thing, even the best-lived lives engineer some pretty sturdy walls. Some build internal walls around their hearts, while others build external walls around their lives. Every hit we take, a brick or two goes up until one day we find ourselves safe and somewhat alone within a self-made fortress of protection.

Suffice to say, some of our walls have served us well. Boundaries provide safety and predictability. Yet all too often, we settle within the limited life we’ve constructed unaware of what we are missing. But maybe it’s time to start deconstructing a wall or two. One that no longer proves beneficial.

Do you sense God leading you into new and uncharted territory? You have a choice to make. You can conquer or you can concede.

Perhaps it’s time to start walking around your walls. Assess the territory. Ask the hard questions. Listen for His direction and join Him in the work. When you do, walls will come crashing down and it will be a glorious sight to see. 

Prayer: Lord God, teach me how to conquer the territory of my life, and help me to walk in humble reverence as you knock down the walls keeping me stuck. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Hugs for a great week and remember, you are not alone. Be blessed and let the divine demolition begin!


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