Flip The Script

Flip The Script

January 14, 2019

Verse for the Week: Proverbs 23:7; “For as he thinks within himself, so he is.”

Proverbs 23:7 tells us what we think dictates not only who we are but who we are becoming. This means that what we ponder in our mind affects us—physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. In essence, we are what we think we are. It’s our script. And we follow it aware or not.

At first glance, it may seem like we don’t have much control over our script. That is until we dig a little deeper into scripture. We don’t have to go any farther than Deuteronomy 30:19—

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live.”

This directive is candid and clearly tells us that we have a choice in how our lives will read once all is said and done.

Although we can’t control the circumstances that color the pages of our life, we do have a choice in how we write our narrative. We are the main character in our life story. We are also the editor in chief and have complete control over the tone and tenor of how our story is told. This happens as we give voice to hope or despair, love or hate, pain or purpose.

Is this an easy task? By all means, no. Our emotions have a tight grip on our ability to manage our reactions. They drive instinct and often sit in a supporting role of an already established viewpoint. In turn, our response reinforces an engrained script. And the cycle then repeats.

Our scriptures imply that changing the way we think changes our perspective which changes how we act and react. It is cyclical—a chain reaction; one not easily broken. Even so, change is possible, probable even, when we invite the power of Christ into the equation.

All this to say, we have more power than we know. Power to modify how we perceive any given situation. God in us is power. Period. Created in the image of God gives us the needed potential. Enter the Holy Spirit, and there’s our power!

In light of this power to alter our script, I’d like to propose a challenge. This challenge will require an acuteness of thought. An awareness of circumstance and self. Our mission is to employ 2 Corinthians 10:5 by taking our thoughts captive, and Romans 12:2 by testing and approving them before they are written on the pages of our life script. 

Again, the key to both of these scriptures mustn’t be overlooked. Christ is the key. He is the connection. Only when we invite Him into this process of capturing and testing our thoughts, can we then filter them through the truth of His Word. The result—break the cycle and invoke a desired change. 

Herein lies our ability to flip the script. Old ways transform into new ones. Poor reactions are recast by healthier ones. Self-talk and attitudes challenged by scriptural truth create space for a new perspective. In turn, an authentic script is written that sets the stage for a well-lived life. One we can be proud to narrate to the world in which we live.

In order to flip the script, we must define our current script. A good place to start—describe one theme or statement of your current life stage. What would it be?

This can be difficult and overwhelming but try and have some fun with it. Play around with a few versions until one sticks because it feels the most authentic. Then target one thought associated with this theme or statement, and the feelings that follow. Capture it and give it a voice. Maybe it’s related to a strained relationship or a negative habit that keeps you stuck.

Afterwards, pray a simple prayer inviting God into this process. Ask for insight on how to test negative thoughts, and then how to challenge and align them with the truth of Scripture for use in your new life script.

We all have scripts that we rehearse, and biases we bend toward. All of which are constructed from experiences, built on expectations, and solidified by beliefs. And without much thought, we tend to operate from a stance of instinct and hard-wiring. But this is not always good for us, or authentic to the life God wants us to live. 

Perhaps it’s time to flip the script on a few life-lines. What are you waiting for? A new version of the old story is just waiting to be rewritten.


Lord God, thank you for writing a beautiful script of love, hope, and ultimate forgiveness. You are the author of life—of my life, and I trust you. Give me wisdom to discern what needs some editing in my thoughts so I can embrace the life you died to give me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Reflect and Respond:

Maybe it’s time to flip the script on something that continues to weigh you down and keep you from the life God has for you. If so, take some time this week to consider your script. Pick a situation that continues to cause angst in your thoughts or propels you into an unwelcome behavior. Invite the power of Christ to relay His wisdom and shed light on a new script that aligns with the truth of His Word. 

Hugs for a great week and remember, you are not alone. Be blessed, and flip that script!



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    Tracy Summers says:

    Thank you for sharing this message. My past life of addiction and my life now is a perfect example of how we can rewrite our script. God took away the hopelessness and fear and replaced it with hope and love. I still struggle with acting on my emotions. This is what I’m giving to God; to be able to react sensibly and not on impulse. I can edit my story on a daily basis with Gods help. Thank you for reminding me of God’s power. With that, my possibilities are endless.

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